Shadowrun Returns delayed to summer 2013

Harebrained Schemes pushes release date of new game from January 2013 to either May or June due to increased scope.


Shadowrun Returns will be slower to return than originally expected. Developer Harebrained Schemes announced through its Kickstarter page recently that the project has been pushed from a release in January 2013 to either May or June 2013.

Producer Mitch Gitelman said Shadowrun Returns' January 2013 release date "might've worked for the scope of the game we originally envisioned, but as our ambitions (read that 'features list') grew, so did the time we needed to deliver."

Gitelman added that Shadowrun Returns was originally planned with a top-down camera, but that has been swapped out in favor of an isometric point of view. This, according to Gitelman, took serious research and development time."

Shadowrun Returns will be a single-player 2D turn-based role-playing title. Harebrained Schemes is also promising an interactive story, with narrative work provided by a host of experienced Shadowrun authors and designers.

The game was originally targeted for PC and tablets only, but its Kickstarter campaign finished with $1.8 million, which resulted in Linux and Mac versions of Shadowrun Returns.

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