Simpsons Arcade Game tops February PSN sales

Konami's coin-op beat-'em-up title leads Sony's monthly online sales chart; inaugural PS Vita top-selling list topped by puzzler Escape Plan.


The Simpsons Arcade Game didn't notch the highest review scores at release, but it was the best-selling PlayStation Network title of February, Sony announced today.

The $10 arcade game hit the virtual storefront on February 7 and was available as a free download for all PlayStation Plus members through the month. An HD overhaul of the 1991 original beat-'em-up title, The Simpsons Arcade Game lets players control Homer, Marge, Lisa, and Bart and pummel foes through a series of side-scrolling levels.

Rounding out the top five PSN titles for February were Gotham City Impostors, The House of the Dead III, Shank 2, and NFL Blitz, which was January's best-selling PSN title.

With the launch of the PlayStation Vita in North America, Sony also began tracking best-selling downloadable games for the platform. Taking the top spot in the inaugural month was puzzle game Escape Plan. Other top downloadable PS Vita titles for the month were Super Stardust Delta, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Plants vs. Zombies.

As for February's best-selling PS3 add-ons, Final Fantasy XIII-2's new Opponent: Lightning & Amodar downloadable content took the top spot. Released on February 7 for $3, the content adds a new Coliseum battle to the role-playing game. Other popular PS3 add-ons in February were Battlefield 3's Back to Karkand expansion and Specact Kit and Dog Tag Bundle, Battle Attire for FFXIII-2, and the Car Pack 3 for Gran Turismo 5.

The PS One Classics category was topped by Square Enix Final Fantasy games, as well as Twisted Metal 2 and Resident Evil 2. For the PSP, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite grabbed the top two spots.

The full list of top PSN titles--broken down by category--is below.

Top 20 PSN and PS3 games:

1. The Simpsons Arcade Game
2. Gotham City Impostors
3. The House of the Dead III
4. Shank 2
5. NFL Blitz
6. NBA Jam: On Fire Edition
7. Infamous: Festival of Blood
8. Grand Theft Auto IV
9. Jak and Daxter Collection
10. Real Steel
11. Sonic CD
12. Madden NFL 12
13. Resident Evil 4
14. Mass Effect 2
15. Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
16. Shadow of the Colossus
17. Castle Crashers
18. Worms Ultimate Mayhem
19. Payday: The Heist
20. Dungeon Defenders

Top 10 PS Vita games:

1. Escape Plan
2. Super Stardust Delta
3. Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
4. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
5. Plants vs. Zombies
6. Rayman Origins
7. Uncharted: Golden Abyss
8. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
9. Hustle Kings
10. Dynasty Warriors Next

Top 5 PS3 add-ons:

1. Final Fantasy XIII-2--Opponent: Lightning & Amodar
2. Battlefield 3--Back to Karkand
3. Final Fantasy XIII-2--Noel's Outfit: Battle Attire
4. Battlefield 3--Specact Kit & Dog Tag Bundle
5. Grand Turismo 5--Car Pack 3

Top 5 PS One Classics:

1. Final Fantasy VII
2. Final Fantasy VI
3. Twisted Metal 2
4. Final Fantasy IX
5. Resident Evil 2

Top 5 PSP games:

1. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
2. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
3. Mega Man Maverick Hunter X
4. NBA 2K12
5. Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy

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