Sirah Rules The Grammy Red Carpet With Skrillex, Leading Us To Hope She’s Accepting Applications For New Best Friends (PHOTOS)


Sirah owns the Grammy red carpet with her Amy Winehouse hair and general IDGAF aura.

Meet Sirah. She can rap. She's got mad style. And not only can she sing like a boss (which is why she won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording for her collabo with Skrillex on "Bangarang"), but she WERQUED some sick Amy Winehouse hair on the Grammy red carpet. Sure, you can toootally apply to be her official BFF -- just get to the back of line.

Just to remind us of the ultimate degree to which her bad-assery extends, Sirah walked the red carpet and grabbed a quick photo with her pal Skrillex. The two's pose is all, "Oh, us, we just make musical magic together -- hope you're OK with that. If you're not, BYESIES!" (This photo also properly illustrates the term "Dream Team.")  But we just want to reiterate: We're serious about trying to get in on this friendship. We're actually printing off our resume right now. And for the record, we'd be equally content just being Sirah's coffee assistant or something. Dog walker? ANYTHING?

Sirah and Skrillex gram a photo on the red carpet. This is a visual representation of what a "dream team" looks like.

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