Skottie Young Baby Variants

Skottie Young Baby Variants

Heroes. Villains. Babies?!? 

That’s right, Marvel fans, Marvel NOW! will feature everything you know and love about the Marvel Universe—mystical hammers, high tech suits of armor, amazing webshooters—but with tiny tots wielding them! It’s all part of Marvel’s celebration of Marvel NOW!, the next big event from the House of Ideas.  

Uncanny Avengers #1 Baby Variant cover by Skottie Young

Illustrated by acclaimed artist Skottie Young, Marvel NOW! Baby Variants are special variant covers that showcase some of your favorite Marvel characters as pint-sized heroes and villains. Are you curious to see what the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Spider-Man, Galactus and others look like as children? Find out by scooping up these soon-to-be collectible variant covers as soon as they hit the shelves of select comic book shops nationwide. 

The following Marvel NOW! titles will have an accompanying Skottie Young Baby Variant cover edition on-sale on the same day the “regular” edition of each comic is released:


A + X (10/31)

ALL-NEW X-MEN (11/14)

Red She-Hulk #58 Baby Variant cover by Skottie Young

AVENGERS (12/05)

IRON MAN (11/7)





The latest addition to the Young Baby variant line-up is for the first Marvel NOW! book, RED SHE-HULK #58. On sale 9/28, this title will feature the debut of Red She-Hulk in her very own title. We have even extended this variant program outside of Marvel NOW! and beyond the regular Marvel Universe into the enchanted land of Oz with a special variant for ROAD TO OZ #1, available 9/5.

How can you grab these covers? They can only be found at your local comic shop. But dig deep, Marvelites, as these covers will be rare and hard-to-find. Collect them all and celebrate Marvel NOW!

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