Someone Made A Music Video About Comic Sans, I Think I Want To Marry Him

Why the U.S. government has not put a legal moratorium on the usage of the ugliest font known to man, Comic Sans, is beyond my comprehension. As someone who appreciates typography (and as just a regular human being), I am constantly offended by this hideous font. I'm not the only one -- there's actually Ban Comic Sans movement out there.

Gunnarolla (aka Andrew) disagrees with us Comic Sans haters, though. The Canadian musical comedian recently released a video for his track "The Comic Sans Song," and dude is urging us to give the bubbly little font a second chance. Andrew gathers his friends (the "Comic Sans Nation") for a synchronized singing and dancing party as they laud "the best font in the world." They roam the graffiti-filled streets of the city, suggesting others to join the good fight: "Bold, italic, underlined/ Give it a moment, it could shine/ To ban it would be a measure so drastic/ How can you hate a font that's so fantastic?!"

I don't know, guys -- as adorable and hilarious as this video is, Comic Sans is still a deal breaker for me. What about you? Are you going to join the "Comic Sans Nation"?

+ Watch Gunnarolla's "The Comic Sans Song" after the jump.

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