Song Premiere: Hawthorne Heights, ‘New Winter’


Hawthorne Heights are back to rock your summer with 'New Winter.'

Sounds like Hawthorne Heights could use some warm weather. The band's bracing "New Winter" finds singer/guitarist J.T. Woodruff "crashing/and flaming out" before the searing song delivers its mission statement: "This new winter/Won't keep me down." That's not to say the track's, um, beach-appropriate. Hawthorne Heights are as heavy as they've ever been on the new track: Woodruff's piercing vocals rise to a shout, while drummer Eron Bucciarelli pounds his poor kit like a punching bag. But the band steps back from the angsty edge to deliver the song's tuneful chorus, which lands at the emo sweet spot between "catchy" and "ear-melting." The band even shows its cuddly side (which exists!) at the track's end, so stick around until after the credits.

Listen to Hawthorne Heights "New Winter" after the jump.

The band's "Hope" EP hits stores on June 5, with the optimistically titled Summer of Hope tour launching June 1. The group's the latest rock act to go indie, with the new set getting released through their Cardboard Empire Records label. And Hawthorne stans shouldn't miss the group's Kickstarter-style pre-order options: drop $199 and you get an autographed CD, handwritten lyrics and a "golden ticket" to free Hawthorne Heights shows for life. That could be a really long time! Time to check your bank account/see how Mom feels about interest-free loans since it's totally an investment in your future.

+ Listen to Hawthorne Heights' "New Winter."

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