Sony has no plans to launch PS Vita TV in US, Europe

Andrew House says streaming device not planned for release in Western markets, at least not yet; could support PS3 and PS4 streaming.


Sony has no plans to release its newly announced PlayStation Vita TV streaming device in the United States or Europe, at least not yet, president and group CEO Andrew House has said.

According to a report from Nikkei’s Tech On blog, House told a group of journalists following Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show event this week that the PS Vita TV will be released first in Asian markets, including Japan, China, and South Korea.

Western markets will be left out, though no rationale was provided.

Also in the interview, House said the Gaikai-powered streaming service in the works for the PlayStation 4 could “technically” be supported on the PS Vita TV.

“Therefore, SCE is considering providing PS3 games to the PS Vita TV by using the service in the future,” House said.

The Apple TV-style device measures 6.5×10.5cm and connects to a television, with slots for players to insert their PS Vita game cards. The hardware will also beam games remotely to other televisions within the home, as well as work in conjunction with streaming video services such as Hulu.

The PS Vita TV will allow owners to play PSP, original PlayStation, and PS Vita games directly on their televisions. The system will also work with the PlayStation 4’s Remote Play feature.

The device will launch in Japan on November 14 for ¥9,480 (around $95) and will also be available in a bundle that includes a PS Vita TV, a DualShock 3 controller, and an 8GB Vita Memory Card.

Earlier this week, Sony published a full list of supported titles for the PS Vita TV.

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