Sony is “not aware” of streaming issues with GTAV PSN version

"This isn't an issue we've encountered in any other title," says Sony to reports that download version of GTAV is inferior to disc release.


Sony has said it is "not aware" of any problems regarding digital copies of Grand Theft Auto V purchased through the PlayStation Store.

Users who have purchased the digital version of GTAV have reported issues with pop-in and the game's textures. "We were not aware of these problems," said a Sony spokesperson to GamesIndustry International.

"However, this isn't an issue we've encountered in any other title, even those which consisted of larger files, such as [The Last of Us]."

Rockstar said to Xbox 360 customers before the game's launch on Tuesday not to install both of the game's two discs to a hard drive, suggesting the game's performance suffers when running entirely from a hard drive--like with the digital PS3 version of the game-- as opposed to using a hard drive and disc drive in tandem.

"Within five minutes of freely coasting around Los Santos' busier Downtown streets there are major instances of geometry bursting into view and textures taking too long to fully resolve," reported Digital Foundry after playing the digital version of the game on PS3.

"In one case we see an entire skyscraper fizzle in and out of sight, while buildings to either side struggle to update their textures. Our many hours of disc-based testing produced nothing like this. For a game occupied with drawing in new objects and textures while hurtling through Los Santos' more detailed districts, it's clear that the extra bandwidth from allowing the game to stream from both disc and hard drive offers a clear improvement compared to the digital edition."

Sony also found itself criticised by upset PlayStation Store customers last week after delaying its previously advertised promise of users being able to preload the game ahead of launch.

After launching worldwide on Tuesday, Rockstar has said GTAV made $800 million in its first 24 hours on sale.

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