Star Spotting: And Here’s A Photo Of Ke$ha Mooning Someone

Oh, it's just Ke$ha mooning someone. Nothing to see here.

Is it just us, or do you guys get a serious teenage boy vibe from Ke$ha? Homegirl is always causing mayhem wherever she goes! The "We R Who We R" singer recently took to her Twitter to share some very important information: That she was, in fact, in the process of "mooning hoes." Ke$ha uploaded a photo of herself sticking her naked bum out of the window of a moving car.

But I guess the Ke$h-ster deserves a little time off. Girl's been going H.A.M. in the studio lately (with none other than The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne), and as those life coaches always say, "A good way to relieve stress and live in the moment is to reveal your naked butt to innocent passersby." That's the saying, right?

Photo credit: @keshasuxx

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