Star Spotting: Apparently Justin Bieber Is Training With Mike Tyson Now

Justin Bieber hangs with Mike Tyson in the gym.

There are few pairings that seem stranger than Justin Bieber and Mike Tyson, but Gwyneth Paltrow's kids call Jay-Z "Uncle Jay" so I guess anything's possible. Tyson uploaded this photo to Instagram Sunday and tweeted, "Me, @johnny and @justinbieber before we started training JB."

There are lots of things to note here besides the fact that now you know Mike Tyson's on Instagram: First, is Bieber becoming a boxer? Maybe after his run-in with the paparazzi this weekend he decided he needed to up his self-defense game. (If this means we get to see Biebs in the standard boxing get-up on the regular, we cosign this new hobby.) Second, WTF did Mike Tyson and Justin Bieber talk about? I bet "The Hangover" made up the majority of the conversation. "The Hangover," and how good "Boyfriend" is -- we can see Tyson getting down to that ish.

Photo credit: @MikeTyson

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