Star Spotting: Avril Lavigne Kisses Another Man (Sorta)! (PHOTO)

We have a bone to pick with Avril Lavigne about her kissing another man!

Hold up, Avrilites (wait, do Avril Lavigne fans have nicknames -- if not, you've heard it here first)! Before you flip your ISH over the newly engaged singer macking on someone else other than Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, you should probably note that she's actually kissing a fake skeleton! (Hopefully, you could decipher that from looking at the photo -- um, no alive-and-breathing person has that flawless of a cheekbone definition.)

The "Wish You Were Here" singer shared the photo of her smooching the bag of bones on Twitter along with the caption: "Kisses in the @AbbeyDawn booth." While we're assuming she's just having some fun showing off her fall collection, we'd like to imagine Avril was actually trying out possible wedding looks for Chad to sport on their big day. But if Avril ever gets overwhelmed with all the planning, we're here to help! We already have some great music and gift ideas! We wouldn't be offended if she's not into them, though -- it's not like we're bone-a-fied wedding planners. (Just doin' our best, guys.)

Photo credit: @avrillavigne

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