Star Spotting: Being The Wanted Is Really Exhausting

The Wanted's Jay McGuiness and Max George take a nap!

Since The Wanted arrived to the states, they've been aboard a non-stop train to Fameville. And while we're sure they're loving every single minute of the adventure, all that going and going gets tiring! We're just wondering how they catch any sleep with the sounds of fans' screams permanently ringing in their ears.

Jay McGuiness and Max George (he's the one with the open mouth) of The Wanted were snapped catching a snooze and shared the pic on Facebook along with the caption, "Some days it's just all too much..." We can only BEGIN to imagine their days -- tours, concerts, promos, videos, milk chugging record-breaking, that really trying visit to the Playboy Mansion, etc. Being in a boy band has never sounded so amazing so exhausting.

If any of the Wanted bros wanna take a break and do a switch-a-roo with me, I'd be down. You can have fun putting medicine in my dog's stinky ear while I travel the world to see your adoring fans. (Oh, and no takesies-backsies on the paycheck switch.)

Photo credit: The Wanted's Facebook

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