Star Spotting: Britney Spears Gets A New Puppy, And It Has Its Own Twitter Account! (PHOTOS)

Say "hello!" to Britney Spears' new four-legged family member, Hannah! 

This past weekend was a pretty successful one for the animal kingdom (ahem, except for turkeys -- SADZ!). First, Miley Cyrus "adopted" a pig for her 20th birthday, and now Britney Spears is the brand-new mom of a TINY ADORABLE PUPPY. Honestly, any animal that gets to be with Britney Spears and her adorbz family 24/7 is pretty much living our fairy tale dream life and should be considered animal royalty. FYI: It's totally OK to be jealous of an animal that gets a thrill chewing up slippers (especially when they're famous "X Factor" judge slippers) -- we TOTALLY are.

Check out more pictures of Britney Spears' new puppy after the jump!

Brit and her sons take Hannah shopping. This is where we become jealous of the dog's VIP status.

The "Scream & Shout" singer showed off her new pooch while grabbing coffee in L.A. with her sons Sean and Jayden James in tow. And if you can take a second to stop awww-ing the ish out of everything in this photo (look how happy Brit is, that dog is SO tiny, and those kids are so cute you just wanna pinch their cheeks! -- Brit has the BEST family!), you may be interested to learn that the lucky dog's name is Hannah. And lucky for us, we get to live vicariously through the (what will undoubtedly be flawless) pup's life, because, wait for it... Hannah has her own Twitter! And she tweets very important questions like what she should wear and what color bow we like. But let's hope she stops being polite and starts getting real with some juicy Spears family secrets ASAP! Just what we needed: another pup star celebrity to obsessively check on every second.

Britney officially has the cutest family!

Photo credit: Fame/Flynet

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