Star Spotting: Britney Spears Uses Her ‘It’s Britney!’ App To Remind Us That She’s BANGIN’ In A Bikini (PHOTO)

It's Britney! And her app!

If there's one app that is CRUCIAL for successful living, it's Britney Spears' "It's Britney!" app. Why, do you ask? Well aside from the obvious (the fact you are privy to personal snapshots of Britney looking riDONKulous in lime green bikinis), you quite literally get to keep Britney Spears in your pocket! You know, because she LIVES IN YOUR PHONE.

Aside from Britney's own pictures, the "It's Britney!" app features official news from Britney herself, a thrilling collection of photos from Britney's "Femme Fatale" tour, a well-stocked collection of vintage Britney photos, and perhaps the most important feature: you can SHAKE YOUR IPHONE to hear "It's Britney Bitch!" literally anytime you want. We CAN'T! Don't take this in the wrong, stalkery way, but I wonder if you could set all the "It's Britney!" app Britney photos to play on a slideshow, while shaking your phone to hear "It's Britney Bitch!," while watching "The X Factor" at the same time. Pretty much sounds like the best night ever.

Photo credit: Britney Spears' Facebook.

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