Star Spotting: Christina Aguilera Cools Down Her Own Hotness With A Fan (PHOTO)

Christina Aguilera keeps it matte with a fan!

We've always felt that fans (as in, the old-school way of cooling yourself down, NOT the people obsessed with pop stars) were underrated. Yes, icy cold air conditioning is a MUST basically every day of our lives, but in a pinch, a fan gets the job done, amirite? And "Voice" judge Christina Aguilera agrees with us, or so says this photo of her diligently cooling herself down with a floral fan.

The 2012 American Music Awards performer was snapped with fan in hand while sitting in her famed "Voice" judging chair. If you must know, we have kinda always wondered how it's possible that the contestants (and the judges, too, for that matter) aren't sweating buckets at all times! I mean, the tension of the competition alone would be enough to send me down a sweaty spiral of de-matte-ification, not to mention the burning hot lights and the fact that all of America is watching. As far as we're concerned, it's a miracle everyone looks well put together at all. You getchur fan on, bb girl. Gotta keep that that ridiculously smoked-out smoky eye makeup intact.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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