Star Spotting: Hilary Duff Rocks The ‘I VOTED’ Sticker! (PHOTO)

Hilary Duff proudly wears her "I VOTED" sticker!

Once you're done ogling Hilary Duff's flawless skin (apparently working hard on your fitness does wonders for your complexion as well!), you should take notice of the latest must-have accessory everyone 18 years old and up should be rocking today: the "I VOTED" sticker! Look at it this way -- it's one of those few moments in life where you can easily obtain the same thing a pop star is wearing. YAY AMERICA!

The "With Love" singer is one of the many stars doing their civic duty today as they vote for the next president of the United States (Beyoncé also showed off her sexy style while filling out her ballot). We're just proud that even though Hilary's a busy new mom, she's still got enough time to vote. We're even more excited, though, because today we're experiencing a rare and unique historical moment when famous people AND everyday folks are just normal citizens doing their part together! (But don't get too excited, 'cause tomorrow everything goes back to normal and the famous people go back to being waaay cooler than us.)

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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