Star Spotting: Hurricane Sandy Is No Match For Jared Leto’s Incredible Beard (PHOTO)

Jared Leto's beard is serious stuff!

Hurricane Sandy is not to be messed with -- seriously hope you guys are all safe. But, on a much much tinier, diminutive, metaphorical level, you know what else is not to be messed with? Jared Leto's facial hair! Srsly, we don't mean to compare a man's beard to a totally catastrophic storm (stay safe, NY!), it's just that if we had to compare any beard to a monstrous hurricane, it'd be Jared Leto's. LOOK AT THAT THING!

A dapper Jared attended the 21st UNESCO Charity Gala in Germany, and though his slim-cut suit was pretty standard-issue hotness, his mega beard is what really made the outfit. And that's not the first we've heard of the 30 Seconds To Mars singer's full-tilt facial hair either, because remember when it looked like this in September? And this in July? However, it's our professional opinion that Jared's beard has now reached its peak and has scaled the height of supremacy on the facial hair spectrum. Honestly, not to sound all dire, but knowing Jared's beard exists on Jared's face is the ONLY thing keeping us warm during Hurricane Sandy. And the wine. But mainly the beard. Thanks, Jared!

Photo credit: Getty Images

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