Star Spotting: Jared Leto Holds A Guitar, And Just Like That, We’re Hypnotized

Jared Leto handles a guitar. WHY aren't we that guitar?

We spend tons of time ogling Jared Leto's AH-MAZING life at his blog, Notes from the Outernet. But let's not forget the real reason we stalkerishly worship admire the man -- his mad musical skills.

The 30 Seconds To Mars frontman was snapped passionately rocking on the ax, then shared the photo on the band's Twitter (for all of us to drool over) along with the caption "STRINGS." We've been so distracted following all his adventures (i.e. chilling with sailors and hanging with David Beckham) that we nearly forgot that his band is heading back to the studio to work on their fourth album!

No word whether this pic was taken during the recording process or even what the album will sound like, but if the forthcoming record can hypnotize us the same way this hot pic did... well, let's just say his new tunes could sound like a bunch of inaudible moaning and we'd still go cray. Did that come off kinda dirty? OK good. (Not sorry.)

Photo credit: @30SECONDSTOMARS

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