Star Spotting: Jared Leto Survived Getting His Eyebrows Plucked With His Sexiness Intact! (PHOTO)

We're wincing just looking at this picture of Jared Leto getting his eyebrows tweezed!

Being handsome (mansome?) just comes naturally for Jared Leto, but the guy has to maintain all that stunning beauty somehow -- which obviously includes getting his eyebrows tweezed. We're not sure what we're more surprised by: that Jared managed to snap a photo during the process (I mean, WHY!??!), OR that he still manages to rock a sexy stare while getting hair follicles ripped out of his face one by one (call me a wimp, but that ish hurts!). As if we needed more proof that Jared wins at everything in life!

The 30 Seconds To Mars singer shared the photo on Instagram along with the caption "Time to get into character. Pluck Pluck Pluck. Filming this week. " Aside from working on new music, Jared scored a role in the based-on-a-true-story movie "The Dallas Buyer's Club" where he plays an HIV-positive cross-dresser (hence his sudden hair removal obsession, including that beard he was growing). So chill out, dudes -- no one's saying that you have to pluck yourselves to be as cool as Jared here. But all bets are off if you're serving a unibrow -- go get it fixed, son! WAX!

Photo credit: @jaredleto

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