Star Spotting: Jared Leto, Urban Cowboy?

Jared Leto rocks the 'Urban Cowboy.'

We're gonna guess it was laundry day at Jared Leto's house and this was the only get-up he could find. That, or he's testing out some sort of "Urban Cowboy" look. Either way, bro still looks hot and (wayyy more importantly) we'd still date him. It's gonna take a lot more than whatever look Jared's trying to pull off to scare us out of marriage away.

No matter the reason the Thirty Seconds To Mars singer left his house dressed like our dad on his way to a garage sale, we're just happy he chose to share his latest hat interest on his blog, Notes From The Outernet. We like keeping tabs on what Jared is up to to so one day when we bump in to him in real life we can casually bring up conversations like, "Ohhh, I didn't know you liked veggie burgers as much as us!" Or "OMG! We're both into sword fighting with little people?"  We have so much in common!

Hey, you may daydream about how to woo Mr./Mrs. Right in to your life, but we like to spend our time figuring out how to lure Jared Leto in to being our BFF. To each their own.

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