Star Spotting: Jennifer Lopez Takes Her Daughter To A Chanel Fashion Show, Wins Award For Best Mom Of All Time (PHOTO)

"Just a normal outing with my mom who, you know, is taking me to a Chanel fashion show!"

When I was eight years old, my parents surprised me with a trip to Disney World, and I'll tell ya -- I thought it was the nicest, coolest, most "I have super dope parents" moment of my life. And sure, while it was all of those things at the time -- I've just seen a display of amazing parenting that has utterly rocked my world. Brace yourselves, everyone, because what we're about to inform you of may, in fact, make you question your entire childhood! Here it goes: Jennifer Lopez brought her four-year-old daughter Emme to the FRONT ROW of Chanel's Paris Fashion Week show. As in, Karl Lagerfeld approved this! We die.

Check out more photos of Jennifer Lopez and Emme at Paris Fashion Week after the jump.

By far the youngest attendee, Emme got to wear a stunning pink Chanel frock with matching shoes and mix and mingle with the likes of Kanye West (who was also in attendance) and thousands of other famous people who are probably obsessed with her mom. Emme got to watch the world's actual "Top Models" walk down the famed Chanel runway, and knowing J.Lo, she probably pre-ordered the entire collection in both her and Emme's size. What's more, the collection will probably be delivered straight to Emme's closet, protected by pink monogrammed garment bags. It's also possible that I'm projecting my own personal fantasy, which brings me to my next question: How embarrassing is it to be jealous of a four-year-old? YEP -- pretty bad.

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