Star Spotting: Joe Jonas Grows A Mustache For Movember! (PHOTO)

Joe Jonas shows off day 14 of his Movember mustache!

We generally have a NO-MUSTACHES-ALLOWED stance on our favorite pop stars around here (What? We like our celebrity crushes to maintain baby-smooth faces!), but Joe Jonas isn't growing a 'stache because he's too lazy to shave, he's doing it for charity! So just to be clear: Not only is the middle Jonas Brother's heart filled to the brim with love for his pupshis bros, and music (obvs), it's also warm enough for everybody else (or is that his mustache??)!

For those new to "Movember," allow us to explain: It's a month-long event (in November, as you might guess) where guys grow mustaches in the hopes of raising money for men's health and cancer awareness. The Jonas heartthrob joined in for the good cause last year and has decided to participate again this year! Joe shared his photo on the Movember and Sons website, where you can donate to help the cause (and watch Joe's cute little caterpillar above his lip blossom into a full-on handle bar mustache that he can rub like a mischievous cartoon character). But don't worry, guys, the 'stache should be gone by the time his band releases their forthcoming record. At least it better be!  J/K! (... kinda). But for real, we fully support the Jo-member's Movember!

Photo credit: Joe's Movemeber Profile

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