Star Spotting: Joe Jonas Vacations Near Volcano, Remains Comparatively Hot

Joe Jonas spells out his name out in stone.

There are many famous sites we want to see: Stonehenge, the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China. (And Mall Of The Americas, for personal reasons.) But we've officially moved the volcanic locale where Joe Jonas left this testament to his famous namesake to the top of our list! Where is this? We want to see it in person! (Hey, it's probably better we obsess over Joe's name written in stone than have it tattooed on our face like a T. Mills fan. No offense, Trav.)

The "Just In Love" singer shared the photo on Instagram (BTW the guy travels A LOT!), and it looks like leaving his lasting impression as a future judge on "The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep" and on the dating show craze, "The Choice," just isn't enough. The guy literally had to spell out that he's a big deal in black and white!

And in case you're wondering if we spent the last couple of hours calculating the longitude/latitude of Joe's photo so we could add a "+"  and our own name to it -- well, you'd be right. Joe may already have a girlfriend, but she can't change what's set in stone!

Photo credit: Joe Jonas' Instagram

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