Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Somehow Makes A Bejeweled Skull Neck Warmer (Surgical Mask?) Work!

Justin Bieber rocks a sparkly skull neck warmer in London. Deal with it.

There are like, a gazillion reasons why Justin Bieber was anointed "Lil Swaggy" by 2 Chainz, but we're pretty sure it has something to do with his ability to rock a sparkly skull neck warmer. We're not sure why, but, like, THIS WORKS! He kinda looks like a glammy Robocop. (That's just one of many perks of being the sexiest singer on the planet -- you can wear whatever, and we'll proudly golf clap the ish out if it.)

We may have put our own Bedazzler addiction on the back burner, but the "Boyfriend" singer, who's about to drop Believe, has no concerns with sparkle overload (actually, wait... there's no such thing as too much sparkle), and he proved it by wearing this sequined necky...  thing while signing autographs in London. While we're not sure if the look's a nod to Michael Jackson's infamous surgical mask moment, we're confident that neck warmer/ surgical masks are going to become a THING. Oh, and lest consider making fun of Justin's latest neck accessory, here's a friendly reminder of who his friends are.

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