Star Spotting: Ke$ha Flips The Bird In The Most Zen Way Possible (PHOTO)

Ke$ha gives the bird on stage at the Yahoo! Wireless Festival in London.

Ke$ha flips off the world in the most relaxing way ever!

If you've ever wondered whether Ke$ha's, ahem, private moments from her reality series, "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life," have made her more vulnerable, this photo of her flipping the bird should give you a pretty good answer. Either K-Dolla is taking a play from Rihanna's "How to show the world you don't give an eff" book, or she's taking this moment to express her frustration toward all craft stores in the world that can't keep enough sequins, jewels, and glitter in stock. JK! (But seriously, being a craft-obsessed pop star has to be stressful. So let's just give Ke$ha a moment to let it all out.)

The "Crazy Kids" singer was snapped giving the middle finger while performing at the 2013 Yahoo! Wireless Festival in London, and we have to give her a hand. (See what we did there?) After all, it's such an underrated ability to look calm and say "IDGAF" at the same time! Seriously, Ke$ha has a true gift (you know, besides the singing, songwriting, and inspiring millions of fans). Every time we throw out that gesture.... actually, we NEVER throw that gesture, because our mom might be reading this, and she doesn't need to know how we handle our haters. (We blow kisses at them, mom, pinky swear!)

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