Star Spotting: Kelly Clarkson Jumps For Joy On The Set Of Her New Video

Kelly Clarkson on the set of her new video, 'Dark Side'

Flawless queen Kelly Clarkson is getting ready to hit us with a new music video, "Dark Side," and the wait is already much too long for our liking. Kelly was spotted on the set of the video this past weekend in Los Angeles, and it looked like she was having a ball. Props to Kel for being able to keep those sandals on (that we're kind of hoping don't actually show up anywhere in the video) while jumping in the air -- as someone born with literally not one iota of grace, I find this feat beyond admirable.

We're glad Kelly's quenching our Clarkson thirst before she heads out on tour this summer with The Fray and Carolina Liar. I mean this in the best possible way, but what kind of roller coaster of emotions is that tour going to be?! While The Fray's on you'll be texting your ex you want to get back together, and then Kel will take the stage and you'll tell him to go eff himself. I want to go to there!

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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