Star Spotting: Lady Gaga REALLY Loves Rio! (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga hearts Rio and she made a sign about it! 

Lady Gaga has a few favorite things -- among them are private planes, beer-themed bikinis, her fans, and ferns (the plant!). Now, please feel free to add Rio de Janeiro (as in the huge city in Brazil) to her list! The "B**** Don't Kill My Vibe (The LG Mix)" singer's "Born This Way Ball" made a stopover in Rio, and naturally, Gaga made time to say "olá" (that's "hello" in Portuguese, keep up) to all the Brazilian Little Monsters that camped outside her hotel.

See more of Lady Gaga in Rio after the jump.

But simply waving would not be enough for her fans! Nope, Mother Monster took things a step further (doesn't she always, though?) by rocking Brazil's national football team jersey (and also, no pants!) while standing next to a makeshift sign reading "I HEART RIO." Not sure if the Brazilian Little Monsters appreciated the adorable Rio sign or the fact that Gaga was pantsless, but either way, they totally have to believe she cares about them! (You and I both know it was probably the pants thing.)

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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