Star Spotting: Mariah Carey Boards A Plane Looking FLAWLESS, Obvs (PHOTO)

Mariah Carey pretends that her airplane stairs are a step-and-repeat while boarding.

Say what you want about who's winning in the whole Mariah Carey versus Nicki Minaj fight on "American Idol," but judging by this phenomenal picture of a GORG Mariah boarding a plane, we're pretty sure she's winning versus all takers at life. Girl is the ONLY HUMAN BEING on Earth (besides Lady Gaga) who can stunt like that on a plane. #RESPECT

The "Triumphant (Get 'Em)" singer shared the sultry photo on Instagram along with the caption, "Leaving Macau, thank you for being a festive audience!" After Googling "Macau" (sorry guys, social studies wasn't my forte -- it's in China, BTW), we started asking more important questions like, "what is this trend where stars look straight-up glamorous at the airport!?" First, Fergie went all fashion-forward in tight red leather pants before catching a flight, and now Mariah's wearing an evening gown on board? While we are proud supporters of dressing cute at the airport (and leaving your Snuggies at home), can we all agree that formal wear isn't exactly necessary when flying 33,000-plus feet into the atmosphere? But again, we're talking about the woman that recently took her dog onstage for a song. Mariah pretty much does whatever the eff she wants -- so FOREVER BOW DOWN!

Photo credit: Mariah Carey's Instagram

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