Star Spotting: Miley Cyrus Hops In The Pool…With A Man Who Is NOT Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus is in a pool with a guy that ISN'T Liam Hemsworth. But don't worry it's totally OK.

OK guys, do not panic. Miley Cyrus was kinda half-naked in a pool with someone other than her new fiancéLiam Hemsworth, but that does NOT mean they're breaking up. PHEW!!!  Miley was just snapped while taking a quick dip in a Miami pool with her pal Cheyne Thomas.

We can't deny that the two definitely look a little lovey-dovey while gazing into each other's eyes and sharing a noodle floatation device (seriously, they're called noodles). But then again, what lady with even half a brain would cheat on a man who provided an engagement ring that looks LIKE THIS. Exactly! Nobody. So rest easy, Liam. Cheyne may have Miley in the pool, but unless they're caught in a more compromising situation, you'll be just fine. So RELAX people. Let Miley soak up the sun!

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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