Star Spotting: Nick Jonas Enjoys Toast And Walking His Adorable Dog (PHOTO)

Nick Jonas is a toast man -- no English muffins please.

Breaking news, guys: Nick Jonas is NOT on a low-carb diet! Despite looking like a gladiator, Nick hasn't yet jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon. But then again, remember how he looks like this? So probably no need. I could be projecting because, it's been about six years since I've had a refined white carbohydrate (so jelly of that toast, bro!!), but it also could be Nick's "cheat day," so who really knows.

See more of Nick Jonas out in NYC after the jump.

The youngest Jonas Brother was snapped while eating carbs (THE HORROR!) with some pals at a NYC outdoor cafe. We can't tell what else he was eating, but it probably doesn't even matter, since he's clearly reeeaally enjoying that toast. Even though we're totally envious of all celebrities, it's times like these (when they're caught shoveling food into their mouths) that we actually feel a little bad for them. Once done with his snack, Nick decided to work off carbs -- AKA famous people's biggest threat besides aging -- by walking his shaggy dog around the block. Guess if you're gonna go hard on the carbs, a power walk is in order. It's okay, Nick! Carbs = YOLO.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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