Star Spotting: Nick Jonas Really Loves To Play With His Food (PHOTO)

Nick Jonas wishes he had a moustache, so he made one out of veggies instead.

We know -- it's only been what, four days since we last talked about Nick Jonas playing with his food (i.e.: this stunning photo of Nick enjoying some vitamin-rich beets), but how can we resist when he looks so ador(k)able while making a fake mustache out of carrots?! I mean, there's willpower and then there's the kind of self control that makes you strong enough to resist putting the above photo on your fridge. We clearly do not have either.

Nick and his bros have been on tour, and oddly, the experience has inspired the youngest JoBro to become a total visionary, turning IRL food into art! Though we're not exactly sure what that vegetable is, we're pretty positive Nick's about to go HAM on some delicious carrots. Then again, these so-called "carrots" are not quite as orange as we'd expect, so perhaps they're mini-turnips? We'll work on the vegetation classification, but in the meantime, please enjoy this stunning photo of Nick Jonas using food to pretend he has super-macho facial hair! You're SO very welcome.

Photo credit: @nickjonas

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