Star Spotting: Nick Jonas ‘Slapping Da Bass’ In The Studio

Nick Jonas looks hella good on that bass.

We love how humble Nick Jonas is. Even though this is like, the hottest photo of him ever taken, homeboy didn't upload it to Twitter himself -- he had his brother Joe do it. With the Jo Bros back in the studio working on a new record (!!!), we're sure plenty of photos like this one are being taken on an hourly basis. And raise your hand if you're totally OK with seeing each and every one of them...

Joe uploaded this photo of his little bro during their studio session to Twitter yesterday, tweeting, "Nick J slapping Da bass." While "Da" probably shouldn't have been capitalized, we're not here to nitpick: We're here to stare openmouthed at the wonder and glory that is (totally legal) Nick Jonas. Even though he won't be our neighbor anymore as his stint in "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" is coming to an end, we continue to thank the internet gods (Al Gore?) for the ability to still see him on a semi-regular basis. Oh, we thank Joe, too. Keep 'em coming, broseph.

Photo credit: @joejonas

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