Star Spotting: Nicki Minaj Gives The Ultimate ‘Haaay Gurl’ Face (PHOTO)

Nicki Minaj shows us her best "haaay girl" face in Sydney, Australia.

We've got another photo to add to our "best faces of Nicki Minaj" collection, because the look on Nicki's face is the MOST AMAZING "Haaaaay Gurl" face we've ever seen in our lives (not to be confused with her latest OMG face -- there's a big difference). Does anyone else wonder if she sits in the mirror practicing these looks or if they just come naturally? Try replicating one without pulling a muscle -- it's basically IMPOSSIBLE. Nicki's a magician, y'all (or a mime on the side).

Though she has no problem expressing herself verbally (Mariah Carey and Steven Tyler found this out the hard way), Nicki made her latest cray expression while promoting her new fragrance Pink Friday in Sydney, Australia. Anyway, all this buzz about a possible Nicki Minaj reality show sounds great, but we'd like to pitch a competition show between Queen Barbz and Taylor Swift to see who can make the best faces! It's well documented that the two pop superstars are the best in the business at reaction faces, and we're pretty sure that our show would get better ratings than all the Super Bowls combined (are there even that many people on Earth? Whatever, it would still get AMAZING ratings).

Photo credit: Splash News

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