Star Spotting: One Direction Get Into All Sorts Of Adorable, Cartoony Shenanigans On ‘El Hormiguero’ (PHOTOS)

One Direction gets a little cray on Spanish TV show "El Hormiguero."

Everyone thinks America has access to just about everything, but we've found one thing we're missing. Why don't we have the brilliant and truly inspired Spanish TV show, "El Hormiguero?!" You might remember the TV program as that show with the bizarre ant puppets that Justin Bieber literally gave a haircut to and also pet, and now, you can remember it as that show that made One Direction do really weird things.

Check out photos of One Direction on "El Hormiguero" after the jump.

One Direction recently hit up "El Hormiguero" and not only did they also pet those totally creepy-looking ant puppets, but the "Little Things" singers got into all kinds of weird shenanigans including borderline dorky circle-dancing, playing a rousing game of life-size checkers, driving expensive cars indoors, and most thrillingly, getting some sort of flour substance doused all over their presumably expensive clothes. Basically, the moral of the story here is WTF AMERICA?? Hook us up with some "El Hormiguero." We're truly lacking in the weird puppet TV show category, and I don't think it's fair. (In return, you can have and keep the Miss America pageant. And Donald Trump too. Swapsies!)

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