Star Spotting: One Direction Met The Queen Of England, Now They’re (Un)official Princes! (PHOTO)

One Direction met Queen Elizabeth II at their London performance. It's so cute how nervous they look!

There are maaany perks to being in a famous boy band like One Direction, but not one is better than getting the chance to meet the QUEEN OF ENGLAND! And while they weren't knighted (something we think the guys should have earned after selling more than half a million records in like, no time), we'd like to think that being in the presence of royalty automatically makes the guys charming princes. Step aside, William and Harry.

The "Live While We're Young" singers not only met Queen Elizabeth II, they also got to perform their new song "Little Things" at the Royal Albert Hall during the 2012 Royal Variety Performance in London (aka a BIG DEAL). We're not sure what we love more in this picture: that One Direction looked perfect, yet adorably nervous while shaking her majesty's hand (no judging -- it's a pretty big deal!) OR the fact that Queen Elizabeth kept her cool while meeting the guys. If I were the queen in this fairy-tale moment, my meeting would have had a different ending. I would STAN THE EFF OUT, hug them, and never let go, and the guys would have to do whatever I say BECAUSE I'M THE QUEEN, and then we'd all live happily ever after. THE END.

Photo credit: Fame/Flynet

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