Star Spotting: One Direction’s Zayn Malik Stuntin’, And Even His Hair Is Smizing (PHOTO)

Zayn Malik and the guys of One Direction show off their hot wheels.

We LOVE sharing reminders of how the guys in One Direction are constantly flawless (see THIS, THIS, and THIS), and this photo of Zayn Malik is no exception. The pure physics of Zayn's perfect hair is enough for us to marvel at, but add a sweet ride filled with the rest of the handsome boy band members in the background -- We. Just. Can't. Stop. Staring. We also can't stop pretending that Zayn is picking us up for a magical first date (sans cigarette, please) where he whisks us away to meet royalty, and then never, ever takes us back home. EVER. Um, can someone get on making that a scene in their forthcoming 3-D movie?

The "Little Things" singer shared the photo on Facebook along with the caption "Yes that's right -- we'd chosen door 13! The CAR top is off ;) 1DHQ x." While we're all about convertibles filled with heartthrobs, we're kinda concerned about the traffic jams that would ensue should these guys attempt to drive in public (hello, remember what they did to Rockefeller Plaza?!). We'd be pretty distracted if we saw their dreamy visages rolling up in our rearview mirror! But mostly we'd hate to see the wind from the convertible ride ruining Zayn's stunningly beautiful coif -- that ish is just pure art. PS: EVEN HIS HAIR IS SMIZING!

Photo credit: One Direction's Facebook

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