Star Spotting: Paramore Reads Shocking Things About Themselves In Kerrang! Magazine (PHOTO)

Paramore gets the shocking scoop on themselves in Britain's Kerrang! magazine.

We're dying to get our hands on Paramore's new album, but right now we're more concerned about what the latest issue of British music mag Kerrang! has to say about the band. Hayley's surprised face appears to be screaming, "HUGE secret right here, guys!" (Or could it be the new album's release date?! File under: We wish.)

"The Only Exception" performers snapped a photo of themselves making over-the-top faces accompanied by an equally exaggerated caption, "The new issue of Kerrang! is shocking." We're pretty sure the article says nothing but lovely things about the crew -- after all, what "shocking" things can you say about a band that is constantly snuggling cute puppies, visiting aquariums, and getting motivating tattoos?? NOTHING.

Photo credit: Paramore's Instagram

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