Star Spotting: Rihanna Flips The Bird In London, Looks As Grumpy As The Writers On Her 777 Boeing (PHOTO)

Rihanna flips the bird while onstage in London. We're kinda scared.

Rihanna may not speak all of the languages of the countries represented on her "777" tour (girl is too busy for Rosetta Stone, obvs), but that doesn't mean she won't find a way to express herself universally. CASE IN POINT: She gave London the one-finger salute during her "777" performance. Perhaps she forgot that English is the official language of England (Eng-land, Eng-lish) and she could have just said what she was thinking to the crowd? OR maybe she just doesn't care. She's Queen Ri, and we all should mind our business, listen to her new Unapologetic album, AND LIKE IT.

The "Nobody's Business" singer has been on a nonstop tour literally all around the world to promote her new album, and frankly we're not surprised she's feeling a little grumpy. Aside from the evil side effects of getting jet-lagged on her PRIVATE plane (wait, do famous pop stars even get jet lag? It kinds seems like a "normal people" problem), Rihanna has been getting guff from journalists who are accusing her of not letting them shower, eat, or go to the bathroom while aboard her 777 (apparently getting free diamonds, perfume, and fancy champagne only holds your patience for so long). Not that we avidly support throwing the bird at gazillions of fans who paid money to see you perform when you're actually P.O.'ed at something else, but who are we to call Rihanna out on her manners? Sooo, let's all just pretend she's waving at us... move along, there's nothing to see here.

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