Star Spotting: Rihanna Gets All Patriotic On Us

Rihanna salutes the home of the brave.

I was recently putting together a new vision board (shut it, haters) and I realized that I'm only interested in two things: photos of Fiji and whatever Rihanna's wearing. While I was already aware of the fact that I'm incapable of pulling off 99 percent of her outfits, I'm definitely sure I can't successfully execute the "American flag as seductive scarf" look. I'll leave that one to RiRi. (Maybe it's a Fleet Week shout out a la Katy Perry's stars and stripes ensemble?)

The "Where Have You Been" singer uploaded the patriotic pic to her Instagram account recently, and we're beginning to think all the other celebs out there who complain about being busy all the time are totally lying. Rihanna posts photos to Instagram and Twitter like, basically every half hour on the hour. Sometimes they have captions, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they're coherent, sometimes they're not. But none of that really matters because Rihanna wore an American flag as an accessory, once again reminding you that she rules...and might have a social media addiction.

Photo credit: @rihanna

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