Star Spotting: T. Mills Chills Before Bamboozle

T. Mills chills while planning his Bamboozle domination this weekend!

We already really want to be T.Mills (we're very aware that we say that about everyone we talk about here), but seeing the MTV Push Artist chillin' like NBD before joining other acts performing at Bamboozle in New Jersey this weekend pretty much seals the deal -- bro is CON.FI.DENT! We want hang with T. so some of that tough guy ish rubs off on us. BRB, gonna draw some tattoos of his name on our face so we earn his affection.

The "Vans On" singer was snapped lounging like a boss in New Jersey likely counting down the seconds until he blows our minds during his Bamboozle performance this Sunday. Or maybe he's envisioning who'd he'd "gently like to woo" while wearing his Vans this weekend? But it's probably neither -- we bet he's thinking of all the new numbers he's gonna get after he JUMPS OUT OF AN EFFING AIRPLANE and skydives into the festival -- true story! Like we said, bro is BADASS.

Oh, and not to brag or anything, but T.'s hanging out with Buzzworthy all weekend. Not to be a tease, but more on that in the coming days...

Photo credit: @mtvbuzzworthy

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