Star Spotting: Taylor Swift Experienced Every Emotion Ever During Her ‘Good Morning America’ Performance (PHOTOS)

Taylor Swift experienced every emotion during her "Good Morning America" performance. Pick your fave!

In case you hadn't noticed, it's Taylor Swift Appreciation Week around here, partially because, well, every week should be TS Appreciation Week, and we've completely fallen in love with Taylor's brand-new album, Red. We've already informed you of 13 things you needed to know about Tay's new disc, shown you photos of Taylor wearing all-red everything, and now, we'll take you through the vast range of emotions Taylor went through (it's clear she hasn't let a Botox needle anywhere near her face, because she can EMOTE) during her performance on "Good Morning America" yesterday.

Check out more photos of Taylor Swift going through every emotion on the planet after the jump! 

Taylor stopped by "Good Morning America" yesterday, and not only did she perform "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and "Red," but she also experienced every emotion ever! Though we can't list them all, we urge you to scroll through the photos below where you'll meet "Impassioned Taylor," "Victorious Taylor," "Contemplative Taylor," "Diva Taylor," "Slick Taylor," and every other iteration of Taylor Swift imaginable. Now, if only we could figure out how one actually meets the real Taylor. Picture us, chillaxing over a cup of organic chai while wearing matching vintage cardigans... or something like that.

"Power Diva Taylor."

"Contemplative Taylor."

"Playful Taylor."

"Triumphant Taylor."

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