Star Spotting: Taylor Swift Flirted With TWO Dudes During Her ARIA Awards Performance (PHOTOS)

Taylor Swift almost has a makeout sesh on stage at the 2012 ARIA Awards.

Remember when we saw Taylor Swift smooching an adorable indie dude on the set of her "I Knew You Were Trouble" video? Well, she's at it again, only this time it's IRL on stage during Australia's 26th Annual ARIA Awards at the Sydney Entertainment Centre!

See more photos of Taylor Swift's ARIA Awards performance after the jump.

Taylor took the stage to perform her dubstep-infused "I Knew You Were Trouble," and in between probably doing some fierce headbanging à la her performance at the American Music Awards, Taylor took a minute to almost have a full-on makeout sesh with yet another adorably indie dude in suspenders. What'd she do after that? Oh yeah, just sit on the (presumably) muscular and chiseled back of another hot man who was probably more than happy to be Taylor's human chauffeur. We always knew Taylor played the field (done with Conor Kennedy and perhaps on to One Direction's Harry Styles?), we just had no clue she was down to be such a public heartbreaker. Oh wait, yes we did...

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