Star Spotting: The Smith Clan Goes Surfing! (PHOTOS)

Oh, look! Jaden Smith takes a break from being crazy talented to go surfing!

Guys, the Smith family is totally adorable. And fine, maybe it wasn't the entire Smith clan (we miss you, Will!), but Willow Smith and Jaden Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith were definitely present for what looked like a we-wish-we-were-this-picture-perfect kind of beach day.

See more of the Smith family at the beach after the jump.

Jaden, Willow, an unnamed pal, and Jada, were all snapped yesterday while hitting up the surf on the beaches of Hawaii. It's kinda hard to believe that Willow Smith, the very same girl that morphed into Adele for her cover of "Skyfall," was able to stop being a freakishly talented young lady juuust long enough to look like an actual kid. And the same goes for Jaden who, when he's not busy hitting the stage with his BFF Justin Bieber and making videos like "The Coolest," also found time to appear normal and rock out on a surfboard. OK fine, you've caught us: Ever since we saw Jaden and Willow join forces for "Find You Somewhere," we've been looking for proof that they were actually genetically modified babies bred for success or something. But they don't melt in water, so I guess we're wrong?! They're just legit the most talented family on Earth, and we have to accept that.

Oh look! Willow Smith takes a break from being crazy talented to chill on the beach.

The whole posse, together. Cute.

Photo credit: Splash News

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