Star Spotting: The Wanted’s Max George Is Too Interesting For His Shirt (See What We Did There?) (PHOTO)

Max George is interesting, wouldn't you agree?

So, can we talk about how Max George from The Wanted thinks he's the most interesting man in the world? Or at least the t-shirt he wore while out and about in Los Angeles does, and honestly, we think he (it?) makes a good point. (Also, once again, great t-shirt selection, bb!) Sure, the kid's "just in a boy band," and fine, maybe he hasn't found the cure for the common cold or the secret to everlasting world peace, but he does get to do a bunch of stuff that, to put it bluntly, we never will.

See more of Max George of The Wanted in L.A. after the jump.

Looking for examples? Max and the rest of his "I Found You" singers have already created their very own Halloween story (nice touch with the campfire-style flashlights), posed on a magazine cover with zero pants, hit the stage with Justin Bieber, and did we mention he's cray cray famous? If none of these examples are working for you, we're more than happy to track Max down (can a girl get a Twitter follow?!) and ask if he'll use some of these handy dandy t-shirt markers to amend his shirt text from "The Most Interesting Man In The World" to "The Most Attractive Man In The World." Because remember when Max looked totally smokin' even while taking a vaguely awkward nap? You can't deny the hotness, guys.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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