Star Spotting: Usher Is Literally Looking For Himself

Usher is on the lookout for something...

We're not sure what for exactly, but Usher is definitely searching for something. In between recording his Diplo-assisted "Climax" and his retro-infused "Twisted," this month's POSTED artist was snapped while performing at London's HMV Hammersmith Apollo, promoting his new album, Looking 4 Myself (out today!). OH, WAIT...We think we answered our own question.

Decked in a neon coral leather jacket and some fly plaid pants, Usher was caught mid-dance move looking like a sailor on the watch for treacherous icebergs or whatever. And yes, we know that this Usher pose was merely part of a way more elaborate dance routine, but can you blame us if we can't help but fantasize that maybe Usher was actually searching for me a mystery lady fan he met via Twitter who said she'd be in the audience holding a long-stem red rose? (Too much fanfic for me lately?)

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