Star Spotting: We Just Remembered That We’re Mandy Moore Stans

How could we ever forget we were Mandy Moore stans?!

Mandy! Babe! Where have you been all my life? We've been spreading the love so much lately to our other flawless queens -- Miley, Beyoncé, Britney, etc. -- that we totally forgot how much we love Mandy Moore. So glad to see you around these parts again, girl. Put your feet up, stay a while.

The "Extraordinary" singer was snapped looking like actual royalty yesterday, as she and her fabulous white dress made their way to the CFDA Awards. We don't really know what those are (we leave those Google duties to MTV Style), but we hope Mandy was honored in some way? Best ponytail of the night, perhaps? Prettiest girl ever, maybe? Girl we most want to go to brunch with? We'd give her all three titles if it was up to us.

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