‘Star Trek 2’ First Look Debuts (Sort Of!) At Movie Awards

A brief glimpse of J.J. Abrams' sci-fi sequel can be seen during the short archery-centric film that debuted at tonight's show.
By Josh Wigler and Kevin P. Sullivan

J.J. Abrams and the cast of "Star Trek"
Photo: Zade Rosenthal

If you're the type who stares longingly at the stars, and if you were able to look past anything other than that arrow sticking out of "Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence's noggin during the short film that debuted during the MTV Movie Awards tonight (June 3), then your eyes may have wandered upon something truly stellar: the very first look at director J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek 2."

During the Lawrence and Joel McHale-starring short, Abrams makes a cameo to weigh in on just how horrible of an archery coach Lester Boonshaft is. The filmmaker — who is no stranger to surprise Movie Awards appearances, as you'll remember from "Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions" back in 2009 — appears in the film in an edit bay, and just past his shoulder is a freeze-frame from the hotly awaited "Trek" sequel.

That's right — you boldly went where no one has gone before, and you didn't even know it!

While the frame remained mostly out of sight behind Abrams, the screen behind the director clearly shows a character with his or her face covered by some kind of mask, one that didn't appear anywhere in the previous "Star Trek" film. Since we don't have much context for the shot, it's difficult to say who might be under the mask, but from the looks of it, the character doesn't appear to be a member of Starfleet.

Abrams' still-untitled "Star Trek" sequel is easily one of Hollywood's most secretive blockbusters, second only to "The Dark Knight Rises" and perhaps "Prometheus." Here's what we do know: Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are back as Captain James Kirk and Mr. Spock, with newcomers Alice Eve and Benedict Cumberbatch onboard in mystery roles. There's talk that Eve will be playing an alien of some sort, and Cumberbatch's character is said to be a villainous one — a baddie who may or may not go by the familiar name "Khan." Regardless of who he's playing and what he's doing in the movie, Cumberbatch has been very forthcoming in his praise for Abrams and the rest of his "Trek" colleagues.

"It's great fun, great, great fun," the "Sherlock" actor told MTV News back in February. "It's a great thing to come into something that everybody's familiar with and knows each other very well. So it's [in] a weird way a very easy thing to get up to speed with, because everybody is so welcoming and gets along with one another."

Jaw-dropping, heart-pounding, gut-busting moments galore. See what just happened at the 21st annual MTV Movie Awards!

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