Stream Garbage’s ‘Live In NYC’ Performance On MTV Hive!

Can we just talk about Garbage and how effing rad it is that they're back with a new album? A new album, Not Your Kind Of People, after seven years of no new tunes? Oh wait, Sam Lansky already did that for us. (See his latest Pop Think column, "Why I'm Obsessed With Garbage's New Album, 'Not Your Kind Of People,' And Why You Should Be, Too.") So instead I'll talk about MTV Hive's Garbage livestream as part of their "Live In NYC" series.

Shirley Manson & Co. will hit the stage for the first time in seven years (having lost not an ounce of their street cred) on May 22. Tune in to Hive's livestream to catch all of their new jams and hopefully some old favorites. And don't be ashamed if you pick up a box of red Feria before the show. The '90s can live on through your dye job despite what your boyfriend says!

+ Celebrate Garbage's new album and check out their "Live In NYC" livestream on May 22 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV Hive.

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