Super Monkey Ball rolling onto Vita in Japan

Sega's puzzle game will feature motion and rear touch controls, slated for release in Japan this June; no word on North American or European release.


The last time gamers were rolling in bananas with the Super Monkey Ball series was in the 3DS iteration of the franchise, which was met with mediocre reception. Sega has now announced a PS Vita entry in the franchise, slated for release on June 14 in Japan.

Titled Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz, this version of the game will retain all of the classic gameplay modes of past titles. New additions include motion controls, rear touch-pad controls, wireless two-player co-op play, and the ability to use the game's camera system to create stages in stage-creation mode.

There is no official word from Sega on a specific North American or European release date, although the publisher had previously announced the game with an early 2012 launch window. For more information on the last Super Monkey Ball title, head over to GameSpot's recent coverage.

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