T. Mills Asks Marianas Trench, Bayside, Mr. MF eXquire + More At Bamboozle: ‘What Pisses You Off?’ (VIDEO)

Oh, T. Mills, how we love you. Not only did you nail your gig as our weekend correspondent at Bamboozle 2012, but you also did your research and asked the hard-hitting questions: specifically, "Which three things piss you off?" Damn, T. We weren't gonna go there. We're glad you did, though.

Guess what, guys: Stars are just like us. It turns out basically anything and everything is capable of pissing some of our favorite Bamboozle artists off. Answers ranged from the random -- body odor, disrespectful females, the country for Belgium (ask Marianas Trench about that one) -- to the infuriating: politics, "not having my money," and unwarranted spelling corrections on Twitter (we FEEL you, Kreayshawn). Rapper Mr. MF eXquire schooled us all because dude was simply "too cool to be angry." But we have to say Bayside's Anthony has the best gripe of all: the wrong use of the word "literally." OMG, FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT! "When people say, 'I literally died.' Like, you actually, literally mean the opposite." PREACH, Bayside. You're our new favorite band, BTW.

+ Check out T. Mills finding out more s*** that pisses people off, and peep the rest of our photos and videos from Bamboozle 2012.

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